Fast International Delivery
3rd Party Quality Verified via independent analytical lab testing
Shipping from Netherlands
Fast International Delivery
3rd Party Quality Verified via independent analytical lab testing
Shipping from Netherlands

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know before ordering?
Nootropics Frontline has pledged to reinvest all revenues from this website into advancing the technologies of neuroenhancement accessible to the civilisation. Your purchase of our products helps us fund research & production projects of new science-based nootropic compounds, that are not accessible in the market yet.
What payment methods are accepted?
Currently we accept only payments in cryptocurrency and payment process is completely automated. You will be able to see a list of allowed cryptocurrencies in the Checkout page. Because some cryptocurrencies may have unacceptably large transaction fees charged by your exchange, at the moment we only we only accept Dash cryptocurrency payments, which is easily available by all of the exchanges.

Ask Us a Question

You may ask us any other question regarding placing orders, making payments, or quality assurance process
Can you help me make a cryptocurrency payment?
If you are not familiar with using cryptocurrency, please refer to this 3rd party guide on YouTube for a beginner’s guide on how to register on Coinbase, deposit money to Coinbase account, buy cryptocurrency and make a transfer. When choosing which cryptocurrency to buy, choose Dash, as this is the only one we currently accept. Be careful if you decide to keep some extra money in your Coinbase cryptocurrency wallet account because of volatility risk of cryptocurrency (safest option to keep funds on Coinbase is to convert them into fiat currency). Your payment should be received in up to 30 minutes. If you feel like there is any issue, please contact support.
Can I cancel my order?
You can cancel your order if you had not yet paid for it yet because we use automated systems to transfer funds to the 3rd party vendor that is processing your order and it makes cancellations very complicated.
After this time, if you have already paid for your order, it is not possible to cancel it and your order will be sent.
Can I modify my order once it is placed?
Unfortunately, we can’t make any changes once you’ve placed an order and made a payment for it.
I didn’t get an order confirmation email, what do I do?
Please write to our Customer Service in the Contact us page with your full name and order number (if you have it). Please send and email from the email that specified when placing an order, so that we can find your order faster.
Which countries do you ship to?
By default, all products listed on the website are shipped worldwide. Some products may be excluded from certain countries but it will be clearly written in the product details page. Please note, that you as a customer are responsible to make sure that the product (e.g. research chemical0 is not illegal to ship to your country or if it is, that you have a valid permission allowing you to do so.
How can I track my order?
To help you follow your order, please note you will get a few e-mails in the coming days after your order placement:

An order invoice confirming your purchase
An order confirmation and a notification stating that your order is being processed
A notification that your order is being shipped from our warehouse
In most cases, you will also receive a tracking mail or SMS from your chosen shipping partner when the products have been shipped. Please check your account information to make sure that your e-mail and mobile phone number are present for this to happen.
In most cases, you will receive a tracking mail or SMS from your chosen shipping partner when the products have been delivered.
If you haven’t received the order confirmation or the invoice within 7 business days after you have placed your order or information on a shipped order, please contact us so we can ensure a smooth process.

Will you deliver my parcel during COVID-19?
Yes, at Nootropics Frontline, we will do our absolute best to deliver your order. You can see at checkout when selecting your address if our delivery partners’ restrictions impact your location. Be aware we may have delays on the expected delivery date, but we do whatever we can to smoothen this experience for you.

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